“The first song I listened to was the one about the Pigeon and the Dove and I said ‘you’re hired’” – Larry Groce, NPR’s Mountain Stage

“…hard-driving bluegrass with all the grit intact… The Matchsellers had our initially reluctant audience rolling with laughter” – Birthplace of Country Music, Virginia

“As far as bluegrass goes this is one of the freshest records you will hear all year. It’s an intergalactic hoedown you won’t regret listening to.”VocalsOnTop

“…a bluegrass sound and an idiosyncratic sense of humor…echoes of the Wilders’ bluegrass and Western Swing– and lyrics like nobody else in towntheir brand new point of view is a refreshing surprise. – KCUR, Kansas City

“The audience was simply enamored with The Matchsellers, demanding an encore to which they happily obliged…if you enjoy down-home bluegrass and wild, gritty country-folk, then you must see The Matchsellers” – KCMetropolis, Missouri

“They played in barns. They played in strangers’ homes. But one thing these two rolling stones certainly didn’t do was gather moss.” – InkFree, Indiana

“What a wild and wonderful sound!” – WBOI’s Meet the MusicIndiana

“Like if there was a revival of Hee Haw on Adult Swim” – Stolen Wallpaper

“The Matchsellers may look like yet another charming, predictable bluegrass duo, but only if you aren’t actually paying attention.”  – 90.9 The Bridge, Missouri

“…a twisted sense of lyrical humor paired with energetic Americana music” – Norman Transcript, Oklahoma

“Unbelievably talented, wry witted, sardonic, and occasionally slapsticky--this couple is bound for glory!Wild Rose Moon, Indiana

“… these two incredible musicians are absolute masters of their craft. They have perfected a beautiful blend of old, new, and original and perform it with such accessible and endearing sincerity, you can’t help but fall in love with their music.” –Local Talent Stew, Indianapolis

“American emigrants folk music played on East German rooftops…”  – Dying for Bad Music, Germany

“A New Class of Bluegrass” – Carbondale Nightlife, Illinois

“Solid perfection!” 5/5 stars – Tuning into the Obscure, New York