“…a bluegrass sound and an idiosyncratic sense of humor…echoes of the Wilders’ bluegrass and Western Swing– and lyrics like nobody else in towntheir brand new point of view is a refreshing surprise. – KCUR, Kansas City

“Bates and Morris have an undeniable musical chemistry, creating a natural blend of rhythm, melody, and vocal harmony. Morris drove the beat with his tight strumming and had too many fine blues solos to count, while Bates added idiomatic embellishments and dominated on the fiddle classic ‘Orange Blossom Special.’ … The audience was simply enamoured with The Matchsellers, demanding an encore to which they happily obliged…if you enjoy down-home bluegrass and wild, gritty country-folk, then you must see The Matchsellers” – KCMetropolis, Missouri

“They played in barns. They played in strangers’ homes. But one thing these two rolling stones certainly didn’t do was gather moss.” – InkFree, Indiana

“Shifting from Morris’ blues roots and Bates’ classical background, the pair began developing a bluegrass repertoire laced with bits of banter and narrative storytelling… ‘Ya know, everybody’s trying to innovate the genre and bring influences in, which is important because I think the music needs to grow. It’s just that the humor sometimes gets lost,’ Morris said.” – The Elkhart Truth, Indiana

“Unbelievably talented, wry witted, sardonic, and occasionally slapsticky–this couple is bound for glory!”Wild Rose Moon, Indiana

“American emigrants folk music played on East German rooftops…”  – Dying for Bad Music, Germany

Nominated as a favorite Kansas City Emerging Artist  – The Deli, Missouri

“A New Class of Bluegrass” – Carbondale Nightlife, Illinois

“The sound here is similar to their debut but its refined and bold, mixing classical Americana elements into gospel themed tunes. This is a very mature sounding album and will please fans who are looking for something fresh on the folk front. Solid perfection!” 5/5 stars – Tuning into the Obscure, New York

“What a wild and wonderful sound!” WBOI’s Meet the MusicIndiana

“[The Claypool Dog Race EP] contain[s] songs like “Beaver Dam Blues”, an energetic romp played fast with fun, rambling lyrics reminiscent of Bob Dylan and Ry Cooder. The song brings to mind a sound outside of time, not trying to sound older, or recycled, but true to itself.” – UMKC University News, Missouri