The Matchsellers are an alternative bluegrass duo that formed in Leipzig, Germany. Though they met abroad, the group’s members Andrew Morris and Julie Bates are Midwesterners (from Indiana and Kansas City, respectively). While working as ex-pats, Morris and Bates began musically reanalyzing the folk forms of their homeland in the decaying buildings of East Germany. In this environment, they developed their own take on bluegrass and folk. The Matchsellers’ music is stuck somewhere between the electric blues of Chicago and the bluegrass of Kentucky, and has acquired the abandonment of post-communist, ex-patriot life.

Since June 2013 the duo has been on the road performing music full time. Consisting of a mix of traditionals, covers and original music, the live performances are sure to please bluegrass fans and skeptics alike. The duo has successfully completed tours through Europe (UK, Germany, Czech Republic) and the US. Their debut EP Claypool Dog Race has been praised by Dying for Bad Music, Musical Pearls Rebirth, Tuning into the Obscure, Road Dog Radio and more. They also released a gospel cd called The Matchsellers See the Light in January 2014. For booking and/or general information contact them: thematchsellers [at] gmail.com

Upcoming Concerts

Oct 24 Petra’s, Charlotte, NC 10pm
Oct 25 Bird’s Nest, Davidson, NC 8pm
Oct 26 Kwagga Sports Pub, Columbia, SC
Oct 27 Home Team BBQ, Charleston, SC
Oct 28 Foxy Loxy, Savannah, GA